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DROP & Retire

Explaining Florida's DROP in 3 Quick Videos

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Deferred Retirement Option Program

Tax Implications of Your Decision

How DROP Fits Into Your Retirement Planning

Know Your DROP & Retire Options

DROP money is a once-in-a-lifetime lump sum that may dramatically affect your financial security later in life.  You have options and might not be aware of many of them.  That's why a conversation with a financial advisor may be helpful.  That conversation will help clarify your financial needs and identify the financial options which fit your situation, timing, and goals.

FRS Disclosure

Neither Osaic Wealth, Inc. nor Signature Financial Solutions is affiliated with the Florida Retirement System (FRS) nor is the information presented approved or endorsed by FRS.  Individuals should not rely solely on the information presented in this seminar but should always refer to the applicable Florida Retirement System documents before making any decisions regarding their retirement plans.  Although many of the topics presented may involve tax, legal, accounting, or other issues, neither Osaic Wealth nor any of its agents, employees, or registered representatives is in the business of offering such service.  Individuals interested in these topics should consult with their own professional advisors to examine tax, legal, or accounting aspects of these topics and how each applies to their specific circumstances.