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My Practice:  Focused on Your Details, Equipped with Large Resources

Financial service is based on trust.  There's no substitute for the trust built between people.  At the core of my financial practice is the 1-on-1 interaction I have with each client.

My financial practice is affiliated with one of the largest networks of independent financial advisors in the US.  This provides the state-of-the-art data security, digital platforms, financial resources, and wide array of investment and insurance options to fit virtually any client's needs.  I have a support staff to augment my own capabilities.

The benefit to my clients is the customized, attentive service they expect delivered on a world-class platform.

Our Primary Purpose

My financial practice focuses on the following types of clients:

  • First responders (police, fire/rescue)
  • Business owners
  • Families
  • Individuals and couples

I serve clients in other demographic profiles as well, caring for every client's unique needs the same way I would want the client to care for my needs.

Let my knowledge and experience be your advantage.

Imagine if I tried to do your job without the knowledge and experience you bring to your job every day.  I would struggle, not being sure of proper procedures, my options, my risks.  It would take me time to go up the learning curve to learn your job.

Encountering a nonroutine financial decision is very similar to jumping into someone else's job.  It would take you time to learn all you need to make the right financial decision.  Do you have time to do that?

I bring a big advantage to each client:  it's my years of knowledge and experience with other clients.

The financial decision you need to make?  I've helped many others make a similar decision many times.  That helps to ensure you'll avoid unnecessary costly mistakes.  I can offer the most beneficial strategies to you efficiently.

You will encounter many financial decisions.  One at a time.  Many in a lifetime.

Let my knowledge and experience be your advantage. 

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