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The Self-Directed Brokerage Account Option

Preserve What's Important to You

Do you remember the financial advisor who helped you enroll in your employer's retirement plan your first day on the job? 

That financial advisor represents your employer's plan, not you.  That's why you may not have seen that advisor since your first day.  How many years ago was that?

You may feel as though you are making paycheck deductions without instructions because you don't know how much to save to reach your retirement goal.  You’d be right to wonder.

Here's a test:  if you don't know your retirement date, you may not have a plan to retire.  Otherwise, you'd know how much you need to save, for how many years, at an assumed return to pursue your retirement goal.

So, are you making paycheck deductions without instructions?  You may be.  That’s like driving to a long distance destination for the first time without a map.

Would you do that?  Never, nor should you do that with your money.

To learn more about the self-directed brokerage account option, click here.

Preserve What's Important to You

With the self-directed brokerage account:

  • You still keep your employer's plan.
  • You keep any employer matching contributions.
  • You keep all the rules and benefits of the employer's plan.
  • And, you get the customized advice you've been missing.

Your paycheck deductions can have instructions--to help you pursue your retirement goals on time.

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